I am very grateful for having had the chance to be part of the journey of beautiful beings, here is what some have shared about the work we have been doing together:

« I have been seeing Julie more or less regularly for almost a year and I really enjoyed every one of our sessions. I didn’t just realize a lot of things about myself, I also experienced the effects of new ways of thinking on my body – and the reverse is true as well: by her touch, the movements and singing exercises we made, I started to see things differently. As a result, I feel much more energy and confidence and I have learned to deal more positively with the challenges of my daily life. 

As I find it too difficult to describe Julie’s many qualities within a sentence, I won’t even try. But I can recommend her without restriction, as I have already recommended her to some of my best friends! Go and see by yourself. 

Thank you Julie for the work we did together!”


"The experience with Julie was heart-warming. Right at the first session that we had together, I felt understood and welcomed. I was particularly impressed by her ability to connect to me and find suitable and soothing words to dive deeply into the experience of feeling. Highly recommended."


“I tried a Pantarei session with Julie so to discover the technic. I had no specific expectation: curiousity actually drove me there. It made me having a break, step back and breathe when I needed it. This is to be tried (the technic), I recommend her: Julie!”


“Through the power of her touch and words, Julie has always been here to help me go back on the rightest path for me, to listen and follow my heart. I am so gratefull to be connected to such Soul. It is Pure Love what she transmits and shares. Thank you from the deepest of my Heart. Je t’aime.”


“Julie is a very positive and enjoyable person to be around. She has great intuition when it comes to bodywork, and is a very good listener. I would highly recommend her!”