I offer energy healing sessions. It’s a subtle work. We rebalance and remove blocks that are present on an energetic level. Together with a work on the mind and the body, they’re a great complement helping one progressing on the journey towards their true self.

We can work on various intentions, including:

  • Chakras harmonisation. This is a way to balance your energy over your whole body

  • Strengthening of the energetic boundaries. They form our aura and them being strong is essential in order to feel connected to the outside world while having a sense of safety inside of us. There are four of them: physical, emotional, relational and spiritual.

  • Cutting a cord of energy. These are energetic connections between people. They generally involve a certain degree of dependance which restraint one’s freedom unless they’re co-creatively positive.

These are short sessions, they usually last about 30 minutes and cost 25 euros.

I have learnt these with a great healer based in London: Sivaroshan Sahathevan. He has been a great inspiration for me, always helping me accessing my own wisdom and my true essence. Should you be curious, feel free to visit his website: https://thetwodoves.com/author/sivaroshan/